Will you join us?

Here at NLA, we are gearing up for our first ever Canadian Online Homeschool Conference (COHC). Well, at least as an organization, because some of us have been part of this wonderful homeschooling community for many years. This will be an opportunity for our team to contribute and to support the journey of many home learning families.

Like our organization, the COHC is 100% virtual. Hosted by The Canadian Homeschooler, this conference serves families across Canada, which we think is fantastic! With so many amazing resources, this virtual conference provides the best way for a maximum number of families to be able to access them. 

It’s fitting the conference is happening in the month of February. Most home learning families would agree there is something about the month of February that just feels hard.  Maybe it’s because at this time of year we are feeling a little tired, have run out of fun ideas, the winter blues are hitting us hard, or some of us are already thinking about next September. Whatever it is, this is a time for us to reconnect to our children and our desire to learn together, and what better place than one where we all have the same motivation, providing our children with the best education possible.

If that isn’t enough, or you are on the fence about attending? Here are our top three reasons we would recommend it!

  1. Get to know other home learning families

While the conference sessions are all virtual, the conference has a Facebook group you can join to chat with others about the speakers you heard, information you learned, or about resources you are finding interesting. On February 12, there is also a Wrap Up Party! It’s filled with awesome prizes and it’s another opportunity to connect with families like yours. 

  1. Feel refreshed and inspired

Whether you already have everything planned or don’t know where to start, you are sure to find, hear, or see something that will help you feel renewed excitement for your family’s home learning journey! Not only can you find a ton of services and resources in one place, but also, there are over 50 speakers in this year’s conference. The goal of the conference is to “help you be encouraged, confident, and reminded of the joy of learning on this homeschooling adventure.”

As you can imagine, we wanted to be part of that! So, our very own founder  Donna Richmond jumped at the opportunity to participate and prepared a chat that is near and dear to her, to share with you. This year she is sharing all about Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL is the process through which we acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and achieve personal goals. Focusing on learning and applying SEL based skills helps children further develop executive function skills as well as helping them establish and maintain healthy relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions. As you can imagine in the home learning world, when so much of our day to day is based on relationships, intentionally focusing on SEL based skills can be immensely helpful. To help support families even further, Donna has added a little extra. Listen to the end of her session to find out how to get a complementary workbook with 28 days of activities to help your family foster the skills to grow in this area. 

And, that takes us to number 3. 

  1. The goodie bag

The goodie bag is only accessible to those registered. It is a digital collection of gifts given to conference attendees. It’s filled with discounts just for you! And yes, we have a discount code in there too. If you’ve been wanting to try out one of our classes, then this is the perfect chance to try it at a discounted price.

Whether you are just getting started on your home learning journey or you are an experienced home learning sage, this conference may be just what you need to help you make it through the February funk. After all, spring is just around the corner and soon we will be enjoying warm sunshine and spring blossoms. For now grab that warm mug of tea, a cozy blanket and tune in to be immersed in the wonder and opportunity of home learning. Oh, if you happen to see any of our team in the conference facebook group, be sure to say hi! 

If you are ready to join us or want to learn more CLICK HERE

The Northern Lights Academy Team

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