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Our organization is headquartered in British Columbia, and our educators span from coast to coast. When designing classes, we take a cross provincial standard approach to ensure our classes meet educational needs.


Our classes are designed based on sound educational practices. We value the need for learners to explore, be curious, try things out, ask questions, and be creative. 

Live Instruction

Each one of our classes is run in real time. This means that learners can get support, feedback and encouragement, as they engage with their learning. 

Academic & Special Interest

We offer a range of classes that can meet both the academic and social needs of learners. We offer everything from one time learner led interest and social interest classes to full semester classes, and we add classes to our roster on a regular basis.


What Our Families Say…

Freshwater Ecosystems and Terrestrial Ecosystems

Rated 4 out of 5

My LD learner took both of these classes with Marie. Although I didn’t actually sit in on the classes I could hear him interacting and answering questions. This was fantastic as he’s usually the type to just listen and not engage. Marie is a kind and engaging teacher. My son was able to summarize what he learned and for me that’s huge. I would confidently recommend either of these classes with Marie.


My Daughter loved it!

Rated 5 out of 5

Signed my daughter up for the Math and Movement class and she had a blast! Moving her body and doing math at the same time made learning so much fun and also helped her sleep well that night! Thanks again, we look forward to signing up to more classes soon 😀

Alexandra Richards