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NLA is an online educational community open to learners all around the world. We offer classes for children ages 3 – 18.

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Our educators are not only passionate about the topics they teach, but they are also committed to fostering safe welcoming spaces for all learners.

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Check out our class offerings! NLA offers core curricular subjects and exploratory learner interest classes ranging from a single day to a semester.


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Little Learners Club is A+++++!

Rated 5 out of 5

We recently started Little Learners Club with my 3.5 year old and WOW are we ever grateful this program exists! My son’s language skills have noticeably improved since starting just a week ago, and his social- butterfly personality is being nurtured by Ms Carolyn and the other children in an unexpected and wonderful way. He looks forward to attending every day (it’s all he talks about!). He is engaged in a variety of activities throughout the day, and we appreciate that the program operates drop-in style for days when our family requires more flexibility. Ms Carolyn is his new favourite person. I have been very impressed with her ability to understand and encourage our late-talker, her ability to make each learner feel consistently seen and valued even in the online class format, her ability to subtly issue unique challenges to the range of individual learners in the group, and her way of successfully promoting community-building and social development in the online space.

I am a teacher myself with some experience teaching online, and it is easy to recognize how good Ms Carolyn is as an early childhood educator, how strong this program is in terms of the types of classes offered for this age group, and how necessary this school is for families who are not able to participate in in-person programming, or who simply find that online learning is more suited to their child’s needs. We are so grateful to have found Northern Lights Academy!


Game-Changer for At Home Learning!

Rated 5 out of 5

Our son is doing the Little Learners program and it is a massive game-changer for our at home learning routine and environment. They do counting, shape recognition, drawing, building, chatting, and more! He stays engaged all day and is so excited to start again the next day. This filled a wide hole in our homeschooling routine and gave mom some much needed relief and reassurance that he is getting really good enrichment and the learning he’ll need to be set up for success! We are huge fans and can’t recommend it enough.


Freshwater Ecosystems and Terrestrial Ecosystems

Rated 4 out of 5

My LD learner took both of these classes with Marie. Although I didn’t actually sit in on the classes I could hear him interacting and answering questions. This was fantastic as he’s usually the type to just listen and not engage. Marie is a kind and engaging teacher. My son was able to summarize what he learned and for me that’s huge. I would confidently recommend either of these classes with Marie.


My Daughter loved it!

Rated 5 out of 5

Signed my daughter up for the Math and Movement class and she had a blast! Moving her body and doing math at the same time made learning so much fun and also helped her sleep well that night! Thanks again, we look forward to signing up to more classes soon 😀

Alexandra Richards



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Life Skills for Teens: Are they ready to be an adult?

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