Education as unique as your learner

About Us

Live online classes for children ages 3 – 18

Northern Lights Academy is not a school but rather an online educational community offering live online classes for children ages 3 – 18.

We offer classes in core academics, including Math, English, Social Studies, and the Sciences, as well as exploratory classes such as cooking, coding, acting and more! Whether you are looking for academic support for your child(ren) or enrichment classes to take learning a little bit deeper, we aim to have lessons to support.

In every interaction with learners, we strive to foster a love of learning, encourage them to become curious about the world around them, and feel confident in their abilities and sense of self.



Our Beliefs

Healthy community fosters learning.

Every child deserves a healthy community. One where they can be genuinely themselves letting their natural strengths and abilities flourish and inner light shine. In our online classes, we work hard to create and foster a community where our learners feel seen, heard and respected. 

Children are amazing, unique individuals who love to learn.

We believe each learner has their own unique gifts, and it’s both our privilege and responsibility as educators to help them find ways to embrace them.

Learning happens everywhere.

We believe children should have the opportunity to be curious, creative, and explore their love for learning in many different ways. Our online classes are intended to be one more tool you can add to your family’s educational toolbox. 

You are better at supporting your learner than you may think.

Families often contact us worried they are doing enough for their learners. As parents, we know how easy it can be to doubt the choices we make for our families, especially when it comes to education. We want families to know we are here to help support, encourage, and provide tools so you may feel confident in your educational choices. None of us need to be on this journey alone!


Why online classes?

The reasons families choose online classes are as diversified as families themselves! For some, there may be medical or learner support needs. For others, they can provide access to specialized professionals or resources not locally available in their area. Ultimately online classes provide freedom and flexibility that supports families in embracing a lifestyle that is meaningful to them.

Benefits of online classes


What Our Families Say


The Adventure Challenge – Friendship class was great. It sparked good, healthy conversation at our house about what friendship means to each of us. The activities/homework were fun & informative too. I think this class is good for any age, the topic of friendship is so important and worth discussing. Donna, the teacher, was fun, approachable and kind in class and responded promptly to posts. We highly recommend:-)

Roxanne (Adventure Challenge Friendship)


My son absolutely loves this series - looks forward to it each week and is just bubbling with excitement after each lesson about what he learned. He can't wait to take the 3rd part in the series whenever it is offered. As his mother, I have noticed his awareness growing - of his actions and his words. It is wonderful to see someone so young really start to see how they can impact others around them.

Briana I. (Empowered Boys Group Part 2)