What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Learning Club Subscription full refunds are available on purchases for 10 days. Middle & High School classes, as well as Extra classes full refunds are offered until 72hrs prior to the begining of class. In the event a class does not reach the minimum number of learners to run we will also issue a full refund. 

I have more than one child attending the class; can they share a device?

Yes. Learners can attend together on one device. Just keep in mind that while they can share a device, each learner needs to be enrolled in the class. Also, if the class does group work using breakout rooms, keep in mind if learners are sharing a device this will mean they will always be in the same group.

How do I stop our subscription to NLA Learning Club

Email us at info@northernlightsacademy.ca. No questions asked we will process your stop subscripiton. Please be sure to provide us 72hrs notice prior to the next billing period (1st of the month). 

If I stop our subscription to NLA Learning Club do we lose access to programming immediately?

We automatically post date stop subscriptions to the last day of the month so you can enjoy the full month you paid for. This also allows families to cancel at any time during the month and not have their service interrupted.  

Why does it show I owe $1,000.00 Lil' Learners Club?

Not to worry, you don’t! Currently, our system is set up to manage Lil Learner Club enrolment until Dec. 2025. Unfortunately, it shows all payments until then linked to your account. We promise you will only be billed your monthly amount, and all charges will stop when you cancel your subscription. 

What does a typical class include?

At NLA, there isn’t such a thing as a typical class. Each class is unique, just like our learners! We offer courses that support different interests, abilities, and learning styles because learning looks different for each of us!

How do I register for a class?

Follow these steps to sign up your learner(s) for a class:

1. Browse classes based on your learner’s age or approximate grade. 

2. Once you find a class you would like your learner to take, see the available schedule on the specific class homepage. 

3. Select the date/time that works for you, and click enroll.

4. From there follow the prompts to complete registration.

Are classes recorded?

NLA records all of its classes for quality and safety of all in attendance. When families register to our platform, we notify families of our recording policies in the family usage agreement, which is signed by the parent/guardian of the enrolled learner(s). When you have an account with us, you can view the agreement by logging into your account and scroll down to signed documents. Classes are randomly audited by the safety team to ensure quality and for training purposes. Class recordings are never used for any other purpose, and they are never shared.

Does my learner need to appear on camera?

Learners have the freedom not to appear on camera. We respect individual and family preferences and choices. However, please note we require a visual check-in at the beginning of class. This is both for safety and to confirm attendance. Once the visual check-in is complete, learners are welcome to turn cameras off.

We suggest leaving the camera on and angling it to the ceiling or wall if possible. Blacked-out screens can be intimidating for learners, especially young ones, and we want to encourage all learners to participate to the fullest of their ability. 

What equipment will my child need?

Classes can be completed on a tablet or Chromebook. However, for the best experience, we strongly recommend a laptop or desktop computer. They will also need a web camera, microphone, and access to high-speed internet. Learners will also benefit from a quiet location in your home to attend class. NOTE: Headsets do not eliminate background noise from your home from entering the classroom. For this, you would need a sound cancelling microphone or software we recommend Krisp.

Will my child need any manipulatives or print outs?

This is class-dependent. Class listings will include information about requirements for supplies, printouts, or manipulatives. 

For recurring classes, will my child have outside of class work?

This is dependent on the class. We embrace that each learner learns in their own way, and we believe each educator has their unique way of being effective. Some of our educators will assign homework; some will not. Please read class descriptions carefully to ensure the class meets and supports your family’s educational needs. You can communicate your preference to the teacher if a course offers optional homework or grades. Please do not request educators alter their classes.

What is expected of learners?

We hope that learners become curious about the world around them and gain confidence in their abilities. 

Besides asking learners to actively participate to the best of their abilities, we have the following Learner Code of Conduct policy in place to support our learners in their educational journey.

Learners have the responsibility to be respectful, kind, and safe.

Each learner has the responsibility to others to demonstrate respectful behaviours and attitudes, including but not limited to actively listening and being accepting and respectful of differences.

Teasing, harassment, bullying or other disrespectful behaviours will not be accepted.

Should a learner engage in such behaviours, please expect educators to take the following actions:

  1. First, educators will work to redirect learners to class activities.
  2. Should disruptive behaviour continue, educators will warn the learner they may need to be removed from the class if the behaviour continues.
  3. Learners will be removed from the class if they continue engaging in behaviours contrary to our code of conduct expectations.
Do I need to support my child during class?

Ultimately, you know your leaner best. If you have a young learner, a learner who needs additional support, or a learner who is new to technology, we encourage you to be nearby to support as needed, especially at first. Our educators are skilled at classroom management and will help learners with the basics, but having an adult nearby can be helpful. Please keep in mind that it is NLA policy only children attend the class. This means only enrolled children appear on camera and engage with the teacher.

Can I use PO funds/third-party funding from my child's school?

If your family is enrolled with Heritage Christian Online, Selfdesign, or EBUS, we can directly bill them for classes you want to enrol in. Simply fill out the third-party funds form and we will be in touch with you. If your family is enroled with another school/organization, please send us an email and we can help by beginning the process with them to ensure we can direct bill for classes you want to enrol your learner in.