Tutoring & Private Classes

NLA is proud to offer one-to-one tutoring in a variety of subjects and levels to support your child in their learning journey. If you would like to book a time or if you would like to inquire if we can offer one-to-one support in an alternate subject please click make a request, and fill out the form.

physics tutoring

Physics Tutoring

Number of Learners in Class: 1
Length of Class:
 55 minutes
Type of Class:
Ongoing – can be cancelled at any time. 
Price: $45.00

One-on-one tutoring in all areas of Theoretical Physics, including but not limited to classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical mechanics, electrodynamics, nuclear physics, relativity, and mathematical physics.

These one-on-one sessions provide individualized support for learners. Individualized sessions are ideal for learners who may want additional help in an assignment or course or are looking for challenges exploring more advanced concepts.

Executive Function Class


Ms. Donna
Number of learners per class:
Length of each class:
 25 minutes
Type of Class:
one class per week for 12 weeks


Executive Function skills are essential life skills that help with planning, organizing, initiating, and following through on tasks. For many learners, this does not come easily, but with time and practice, these skills can be mastered!